Nuts and Bolton

During the campaign, Donald Trump famously boasted, “I alone can fix it.” The way he’s churning through administration employees, he might actually have to fix it by himself. The latest participant to be voted off the island is National Security Advisor Number 3, John Bolton. NPR: Trump Fires John Bolton In Final Break After Months Of Internal Policy Division. (In the end, the only remaining White House employee will be the cable guy.)

+ “Focusing on the specific conflicts between Bolton and Trump misses the point. The problem is not that Trump doesn’t get along with his national security adviser; it’s that he doesn’t want one in the first place.” The Atlantic: The White House’s Impossible Job.

+ Since they disagreed on most things, it probably makes sense that Trump and Bolton are offering conflicting accounts of the split. Trump says he fired Bolton. Bolton says he quit. (We may not know the truth until someone pulls out a Sharpie.)

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