Over the weekend, the leadership at MIT’s Media Lab encountered the six words they least wanted to hear: Ronan Farrow is on the story. It turns out MIT took more money from Jeffrey Epstein than we thought, and they knew exactly what they were doing. The New Yorker: How an Elite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Shortly after the story was published, Joi Ito, the director of MIT Media Lab, resigned; proving once again that the top three drivers of job losses in America are globalization, automation, and Ronan Farrow. If you’re broke or need to feed your family, I get crossing some ethical lines. But knowingly working with a convicted pedophile to raise money for a rich school? Isn’t there enough money in the tech industry to fill the void left by not taking money from those who rape kids?

+ I admire loyalty. I think the Twitter resignation mobs are a terrible trend. I know a lot of really good people are impacted by this bad situation. But we must have some lines we won’t cross. This situation is clearly such a line. Like, really clearly. I’ll let the NYT’s Kara Swisher take it from here, as she assesses a problem that is much broader than this story. He Who Must Not Be Tolerated. “If you can’t manage to say a hard no to those responsible for the dismemberment of a journalist or to a predator of young girls, I am not sure what to say.”