“On Saturday, in the U.S. Open final, Andreescu faced Serena Williams in front of a crowd so loud that, at one point, it compelled her to cover her ears. And still! The Canadian played like a fireball, bludgeoning strokes and fist-pumping wildly and punctuating big moments with come ons that could be heard clear across the East River back in Manhattan.” The Ringer: The US Open Gave Us a Revelation, an Iconic Champion, and a Look at the Future of Tennis.

+ This year’s Open felt like the tournament when younger players would (finally) wrest control of the majors from some of the most familiar names in all of sport. But on the men’s side, Rafael Nadal gut-tested his way to another title, and took another step towards history. (Rafa, Joko, and Roger have won 55 majors. Imagine what the numbers would be like if any one of them didn’t have to deal with the others in the same era. The record would be insurmountable. In the end, it still might be.)