“Matthew Shifrin first discovered Legos when he thrust his hands deep inside a crate crammed full of the tiny brick toys. His babysitter, Lilya Finkel, had spotted the discarded box on the side of the road and helped Shifrin, who is blind, haul it inside the car. She believed he would learn to enjoy them just as much as sighted children did. Shifrin, who was 5 at the time, said the thrilling crate launched a lifelong devotion.” WaPo: Lego just released audio and Braille instructions. They did it because of a blind man who never gave up.

+ Anonymous man spends thousands on 100 generators to send to hurricane victims in Bahamas.

+ 6-year-old uses money saved for Disney trip to help Hurricane Dorian evacuees.

+ WaPo: A boy held his crying classmate’s hand on the first day of school. A photo of the moment has gone viral.

+ Oregon woman turns school buses into tiny homes for working homeless families.

+ Student honored at Connor High School for stopping alleged kidnapping in parking lot.

+ Forget what you may have been told. New study says strangers step in to help 90 percent of the time.

+ If you drop your phone on a roller coaster, you don’t expect it to be caught midair. But this is Feel Good Friday.