“The gradual shift toward more efficient light bulbs is one of the largely unsung success stories in the fight to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. ‘U.S. household energy consumption is down 6 percent since 2010, and this is due in part to the increase in the use of energy-efficient lighting.'” Well, if it’s good for society and good for the environment, you probably know what’s coming… NYT: Trump Administration Is Rolling Back Rules Requiring More Energy-Efficient Bulbs. (No one ever accused him of being the brightest bulb…)

+ Can one headline sum up everything wrong with American politics? Probably not, but this one from WaPo sure makes a hell of an effort: Top Interior official who pushed to expand drilling in Alaska to join oil company there.

+ “Pentagon officials said they will halt 127 military construction projects to help build 175 miles of wall.” NPR: Trump Administration Diverts $3.6 Billion From Military Projects To Border Wall.