“On the highway, when people slow down to look at a car crash, climate change is like that because everyone is slowing down to look at the accident but not realizing that we are actually the car crash.” Reuters takes you to Longyearbyen. “With a population of slightly more than 2,000 people, it is the northernmost town on the planet. It is also the fastest-warming.” A climate-change frontier in the world’s northernmost town.

+ From the the fastest warming town on the planet to the fastest warming city in America. The hellish future of Las Vegas in the climate crisis: ‘A place where we never go outside.’ (It’s a dry heat.)

+ While the very different towns of Longyearbyen and Vegas give us a view into climate change’s ominous future, the intensity of Dorian provides a realtime look at its present. People who live in The Bahamas are used to hurricanes. But they’re not used to this. The epic power of Dorian came to The Bahamas. And it stayed there. AP: Humanitarian crisis unfolds in hurricane-stricken Bahamas. Buzzfeed: At Least Five People Were Killed As Hurricane Dorian Stalls Over The Bahamas. And as the storm moves towards America’s coast, here’s the latest from CNN.