Weekend Whats

What to Hear: Very occasionally, you go to see someone in concert and the opening act ends up being the best part of the show. A few decades ago, that happened to me and my friend RD (who proofs many of these blurbs). Since that night, we’ve been sure to go see John Hiatt every time he’s in town. Hiatt was, and is, one of the most respected singer songwriters in the business. I put together a starter playlist on Spotify: John Hiatt: NextDraft Collection. And here’s the same playlist on Apple Music. It should provide a great soundtrack for your Labor Day roadtrip.

+ What to Binge: The more new shows we get, the more people seem to like to go back and binge the old ones. Well, Taxi is finally available to stream. It’s a great show and a reminder of a time when taxis were just called taxis, and had to be profitable to stay in business. (I’d love to see Louie DePalma run a startup.) Watch Taxi on Amazon Prime.

+ What to Serve: Wimbledon is the most prestigious tournament, but (both on TV and in person) the US Open is always the most fun to watch. On Saturday, the future of Women’s tennis will be on full display as the excellent Naomi Osaka takes on the the remarkably delightful 15 year-old phenom Coco Gauff. This women’s third round match could end up being the hottest ticket of the whole event.

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