Feel Good Friday

“Magennis … was home alone Tuesday, Aug. 13 and called Comcast customer services to address a problem with his cable. He put his phone on speaker and placed it on a table, so he could take notes while he spoke. But when the customer services representative answered on the other end, Magennis was unable to get a word out.” Customer services representative 800 miles away helps save life of man having a stroke. (Yup, I just featured a feel good story about a customer service call…)

+ Pinterest to direct vaccine searches to health sites. (I’m glad that Pinterest is directing vaccine searches to health sites. I’m worried that people are searching for vaccine information at Pinterest.)

+ KFC’s plant-based ‘chicken’ sold out in five hours. (It doesn’t really matter if it’s meat or not, as long as it’s fried…)

+ Iowa officer responds to kid with fear of monsters in his room.

+ Louisiana teen wears hilarious costumes to greet little brother at bus stop every day.

+ The Verge: Sony Celebrates 40 Years Of Walkman In Tokyo. (I miss the days when my music couldn’t be interrupted by the internet.)

+ College football players shave their heads to support coach battling cancer.

+ Detroit man pays tax bill for woman about to lose her home.

+ A Charlotte teen registered people to vote as they waited in Popeyes line.

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