“Americans like to think of ourselves as being at the center of the universe, with Hollywood serving as a giant air freshener spraying our pop-cultural essence all over a grateful globe. But the transmission has long worked in the other direction too, with the U.S. entertainment industry adapting work from other countries.” And these days, American producers (and audiences) are loving shows adapted from Israel. Vanity Fair: Why Israeli TV Is Irresistible to American Producers.

+ “Los Angeles, she is told repeatedly there are things you should do and should not do if you want to make it in Hollywood. Don’t be a contrarian. Don’t be a tough sell. Don’t wear your hair natural; it only makes you look dated. Try doing stand-up. Do stuff that’s more marketable, more mainstream, or else people in the Midwest won’t like it.” The always interesting Rosecrans Baldwin with the real story of making it in Hollywood (and a few questions about why anyone would want to). How to Make It in Hollywood When You’re Gay, Female, and Thirtysomething.