“Cold cereal has remained America’s favorite breakfast food for decades not because of its health benefits, but rather because of its price (cheap), taste (sweet), and appeal among a very picky group of consumers (kids). It doesn’t hurt that it’s also extremely easy to prepare, requiring only a bowl, spoon, and milk — and even those are mostly optional.” But now the health fads are coming for breakfast. The newest cereals are hip, expensive, and keto-friendly. (I’ve always been less likely to count calories and more likely to count chocula…)

+ “She was the first foreign photographer allowed to take pictures of Soviet industry, she was the first female staff photographer for LIFE magazine and made its first cover photo, and she was the first woman allowed to work in combat zones in World War II. Gathered here, a small collection of the thousands of remarkable images she made over a lifetime.” Amazing collection: The Photography of Margaret Bourke-White.