“Over the past 30 years, Cindy Stirling has fostered runaways, orphans, teen sex workers, abuse victims and cancer patients. Portrait of a supermom.” The Woman With 200 Kids.

+ Jackson Proskow: Dallas airport passengers silently salute the return of a fallen hero.

+ “Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has signed legislation raising teachers’ minimum salary to $40,000.” (My kids are in their last few days of summer. I’d pay $40,000 just to get someone to watch them until school starts…)

+ Man records his every treadmill run as he loses 42 pounds over the course of eight months. (Timelapse weight loss. I like the sound of that…)

+ Nepal is banning single-use plastic in the Everest region.

+ Foo Fighters’ youngest fan steals the show. This reminded me of my video of Dave Grohl’s daughter killing it at gala I attended about 1.5 million views ago. Dave Grohl and his Daughter Violet: When We Were Young, by Adele.

+ ‘It’s an act of hope’: the fairytale rise of the Real Kashmir football team.