“Asked this week about the surging fires in the world’s most precious forest — the area scorched has more than doubled in the past two years — he accused nongovernment organizations of setting them, to ‘call attention’ against his government.” That all-too familiar conspiracy-minded pack of lies comes courtesy of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. WaPo: The Amazon is burning. Bolsonaro says his critics are setting the fires, to make him look bad. “The Amazon forest serves as the lungs of the planet, taking in carbon dioxide, storing it in soils and producing oxygen. Scientists agree that it is one of the world’s great defenses against climate change.” (Poor leadership is destroying the world. Literally.)

+ “Tropical rainforests are some of the wettest ecosystems on earth, so how did the largest one—the Amazon—catch fire?” Vice The Amazon Wildfires Aren’t Natural. Blame Humans.

+ Vox: Wildfires are burning around the world. The most alarming is in the Amazon rainforest.

+ Tired of worrying about fires? This will take your mind off of the subject. NYT: A Giant Volcano Could End Human Life on Earth as We Know It.