Unicorn Hole

“Let’s be clear, though: This company is profoundly shocking, and odd. It is at once perhaps the most controversial member of the last decade’s ‘unicorn’ era of richly valued startups, and the one that perfectly encapsulates this moment in financial history. WeWork is so unicorn, it hurts.” Bloomberg: WeWork Takes the Startup-Mania Era to Its Logical Extreme. Maybe everyone is wrong and there really is a secret formula that makes re-renting office space (at a loss, at least so far) an ingenius tech play. But for now, if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to re-rent you. (Obviously, barista-poured coffee is included.)

+ The Verge: WeWork Isn’t A Tech Company; It’s A Soap Opera. “The We Company (the company formerly known as WeWork) filed its mandatory S-1 paperwork to go public, and it’s worth reading in full. I mean, forget the serious stuff for a moment. The thing begins with an epigram: ‘We dedicate this to the energy of we — greater than any one of us, but inside all of us.'” (What’s inside of me just projectiled out and across the room…)

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