“Like the character he became famous for, Cazale had a knack for getting passed over. He made only five films, but each was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Cazale never got a nomination. He died, from cancer, in 1978, at the age of forty-two, with his girlfriend, Meryl Streep, at his bedside. If there’s any solace in seeing Fredo become a political slingshot ball, it’s that Cazale’s portrayal is indelible enough to merit the attention. More than four decades later, Fredo’s still not getting any respect, but at least he’s getting noticed.” The New Yorker: Respect for Fredo, a Character Who Is So Much More Than a Political Insult. (Cazale’s resume: The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, and The Deer Hunter.)

+ Ohio State seeks to trademark the word “The.” (I’m gonna trademark, What the? so I’ll have an proprietary response if they get this.)

+ How crazy is gerrymandering that has plagued so many states? There’s now a Gerrymandered Font.