“The Trump administration is moving forward with regulations that are expected to dramatically reshape the U.S. immigration system by denying green cards and visas to immigrants who use — or are expected to use — a wide range of federal, state and local government benefits, including food stamps, housing vouchers and Medicaid.” NPR: Trump Administration Rule Would Penalize Immigrants For Needing Benefits.

+ “For Ermelia and the roughly 680 others arrested last week at seven chicken plants across central Mississippi, the trouble is just beginning. They don’t just have to fight to stay in the country. They also need to figure out how to afford rent, bills, and groceries for their families while they wait for their cases to be completed. That could take months or even years.” Vice: The ICE Raids in Mississippi Have Made Life Nearly Impossible for Families.

+ Vox: Border chief explains why there have been no ICE raids at Trump properties. “There are investigations going on all the time that you’re unaware of…” (If I didn’t already have an injured neck, I would have gotten one shaking my head at this nonsense…)