“Ethiopians planted 353 million trees in 12 hours, part of a 4 billion tree-planting campaign to fight deforestation and climate change.”

+ California professors install seesaws along U.S.-Mexico border wall.

+ Plastic bag sales in England halved in past year.

+ An Irish teenager just won $50,000 for his project focusing on extracting micros-plastics from water.

+ This 8-year-old is selling dozens of his paintings to benefit Austin’s homeless.

+ Dolphin mom adopts whale calf—a first. But what happens when the kid is big enough to easily dominate the parent? (My kids are half-Samoan, so this is a recurring question for me.)

+ Boy born without a hand meets a soccer player just like him. What a photo…

+ Buzzfeed: 16 Good Things That Happened This Week.

+ And if you missed it earlier in the week, the feel goodest thing in recent internet memory: Lizzo: Tiny Desk Concert.