“First, there was the car crash. A bystander said he was all right, just a little banged up, but he still had to go to the hospital. A friend tried to cover for him, saying he was texting while driving, but everyone in town knows Lenny has a drinking problem, a problem that’s only gotten worse since he lost his side gig as a gravedigger. Some townspeople felt bad and brought him a bouquet of magnolias in the hospital. It turns out, he was mostly worried about his pet baby raccoons, so one kind soul promised to take care of them for him. Once he got out of the hospital, he mostly dropped off the map, but that wasn’t too unusual — Lenny Crabbitz is always a tough guy to find. But don’t feel too bad for Lenny; he doesn’t really exist.” The Verge visits a town built on Reddit. Welcome To Lower Duck Pond, A Fake Town Of 82,000 People. (Even in a fake town, I’d get complaints about my beagles barking too much…)