“In an extraordinary turn of events, some of the same people who had been privately denigrated by Mr. Rosselló and his confidants — journalists, feminists, musical performers and L.G.B.T. organizers — turned the tables on the governor. Capitalizing on already festering ire over the territory’s weak economy, graft scandals and a callous response to Hurricane Maria, the small demonstration at the airport turned into a series of mass street protests that toppled his government in just two weeks.” NYT: 15 Days of Fury: How Puerto Rico’s Government Collapsed.

+ “The man who would have been Rosselló’s next in line, Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marín, isn’t an option, having resigned earlier this month over his involvement in the scandal … And now the island’s justice secretary, Wanda Vázquez, who was expected to replace Rosselló, says she doesn’t want the job.” (Her reticence might have to do with accusations, “including that she launched a domestic violence investigation against a political opponent.”) Now that the old governor is on the way out, Puerto Ricans face a tough question. Who Will Be Their Next Governor?