“In some variations of the challenge, loosely based on military exercises, adults trail the teams of children, but refuse to guide them, although they may leave cryptic notes as clues. To make it more difficult, adult organizers may even blindfold the children on their way to the dropping, or drive in loop-de-loops to scramble their sense of direction. Sometimes, they hide in the underbrush and make noises like a wild boar. If this sounds a little crazy to you, it is because you are not Dutch.” The NYT on the practice of dropping kids off in the forest and seeing if they can find their way home. A Peculiarly Dutch Summer Rite: Children Let Loose in the Night Woods. I have a similar tradition with my kids, but I drop them off at popular urban intersections with nothing but an iPhone, a few hundred in cash, and their own Uber accounts. (Relax, I follow them with my drone the whole time…)