“With so much on the line, the enormous launch would have to go flawlessly: ‘It’s gotta be like the new iPhone.'” What’s the big new product being introduced? Insiders know it as the WA 38. It’s been in the research and development phase for two decades. And now it’s set to fully disrupt an entire industry. Yes, as you might have guessed, it’s an Apple. But not an Apple iPhone or an Apple Watch. It’s just an apple. “The Cosmic Crisp is debuting on grocery stores after this fall’s harvest, and in the nervous lead-up to the launch, everyone from nursery operators to marketers wanted me to understand the crazy scope of the thing: the scale of the plantings, the speed with which mountains of commercially untested fruit would be arriving on the market, the size of the capital risk. People kept saying things like ‘unprecedented,’ ‘on steroids,’ ‘off the friggin’ charts,’ and ‘the largest launch of a single produce item in American history.'” (Hopefully we’re not barking up the wrong tree…)

+ Kids are always told to eat their fruits and vegetables. If they all listened, there’d be big shortages. (In a roundabout way, my kids are saving the planet…)