Prime Beef

“It’s Prime Day. It’s high visibility, so we know that our critics — unions and politicians — are going to use it to raise their visibility, and we know from a business perspective, it works to the union’s favor because it will also increase their union dues.” Some Amazon warehouse employees used Prime Day(s) to protest working conditions, while the company accused them of taking advantage of media attention. The trouble with getting the true scoop on Amazon is that almost every news site you visit is part of their affiliate program. They’re in business together. (Meanwhile, Amazon created a fake holiday that’s getting you to buy stuff you don’t really need for deals that aren’t really that good. The mind control thing is proceeding pretty much according to plan…)

+ “Retailers and shippers are working rapidly to shrink, make lighter, and re-use all that extra packaging — and eventually, maybe, get rid of it altogether.” Amazon’s incredible, vanishing cardboard box. (Steve Martin’s investment in cardboard is still looking pretty good.)

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