“Each year, roughly 125,000 rapes are reported across the United States. Sometimes the decision to close a case is surely correct; no one wants to smear an innocent man’s reputation or curtail his freedom because of a false report. But in 49 out of every 50 rape cases, the alleged assailant goes free—often, we now know, to assault again. Which means that rape—more than murder, more than robbery or assault—is by far the easiest violent crime to get away with.” The Atlantic: An Epidemic of Disbelief: What new research reveals about sexual predators, and why police fail to catch them.

+ “During a raid at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion … investigators found ‘piles of cash,’ ‘dozens of diamonds’ and an expired passport with Epstein’s picture and a fake name in a locked safe.” AP: Judge weighs bail for Epstein; women urge jail until trial.