Things have been going well in Texas. Well, parts of Texas. In the cities. Well, some of the cities. The NYT on The Texas Miracle That Missed Most of Texas. “Few parts of America have nurtured faster job growth than Texas in the years since the 2008 financial crisis, in what is now the longest sustained economic expansion in American history. But that growth has largely left cities like Longview in the dust. No state — not even California, long held up as the embodiment of America’s widening geographic inequality — has seen a larger post-recession divergence between its elite cities and everywhere else.”

+ When it comes to the concentration of wealth in a few key metros, the lone star state has a lot in common with the rest of America. The “winner-take-all dynamic has led to stark inequalities and rising tensions — both inside and outside city limits — that are helping to drive our politics off the rails.” Axios with a look at the age of winner-take-all cities.