Bottom of the News

“Though the Apollo Guidance Computer (ACG) was cutting-edge technology for its time, when compared to the computer-based items we use every day, they were pretty basic. Computer Weekly reported that these ‘ingenious computer systems’ were no more powerful than a pocket calculator and that the ACG was ‘more basic than the electronics in modern toasters that have computer controlled stop/start/defrost buttons.'” 50 Facts About the Apollo 11 Moon Landing for Its 50th Anniversary.

+ Legal marijuana looks to be boosting snack sales. (Shocker…)

+ Metallica to publish children’s book, The ABCs of Metallica.

+ “A turquoise lake in Siberia has become a sparkling background for Instagram photos, drawing so many people that a nearby coal plant operator had to issue a warning: It’s not a pristine oasis, it’s a chemical dump.”

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