Holiday Weekend Whats

What to Movie: Grab the fam, and head out to a nice air conditioned movie theater to sing (and laugh) along with the excellent movie, Yesterday, which imagines a world where The Beatles never existed. It’s a great hook and fun movie best seen in a full theater. (And skip the multitude of dissertation-esque, deep thinkpieces that are twisting and shouting about whether the filmmakers truly captured the meaning of the Beatles oeuvre. It’s a friggin rom com with the greatest soundtrack of all time. Enjoy.)

+ What to Watch: If you don’t want to brave the lines for the new Spiderman movie, one of the old ones (and my favorite superhero flick in recent years) is on Netflix. Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse.

+ What to Turn Upside Down: The third season of Stranger Things is coming out on the 4th. For those who follow the news as closely as I do, the show should be called Less Strange Things.

+ What to World Cup: England’s 2-1 loss to America was the UK’s highest peak television audience of the year. Hopefully, America will smash some viewership records when the team plays in the finals on Sunday. Right now, there’s nothing more exciting in sports than the first 15 minutes of a US Women’s soccer match.

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