“People settle in the world’s northernmost town, Longyearbyen, for many reasons. Some are captivated by the otherworldly wilderness of the Svalbard archipelago, a snowscape that exceeds even the most fantastical images of Narnia, Hoth and the lands north of the wall in Game Of Thrones. Others are drawn to the tight-knit community of 2,300 people, who must support one another, because temperatures often plunge below -30C and it is the biggest town for 500 miles. Many say they fall in love with the Arctic light, which, even in the depths of a sunless winter, surprises with pale shades, soft glimmers and celestial glints.” Today, the people who live in the world’s northernmost town are also on the front lines of the world’s changing climate. The Guardian: Welcome to the fastest-heating place on Earth. (I used to try that line on dating sites…)

+ Meanwhile, in Mexico, Ice 1.5m thick carpets Guadalajara. (Editor’s note: It’s Summer.)