“In the same way those images focused the world’s attention on the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Turkey, the intense image from the Rio Grande comes as a stark reminder of the human toll of the immigration crisis. As in those earlier cases, it also shows the devastating effect strife and desperation often inflict on children and families.” A Father And Daughter Who Drowned At The Border Put Attention On Immigration. (This photo is sad and horrific, but to anyone who’s paid even the least bit of attention to this issue, it’s anything but shocking.)

+ “Most single adults had not showered for nearly a month while in CBP custody, the report said. Instead, wet wipes were handed out to maintain hygiene. Many single adults were being fed only bologna sandwiches, leading to some having medical issues like constipation. In one facility, officials found some single adults in standing room–only conditions for a week while others were held in overcrowded cells for more than a month.” Buzzfeed: Investigators Found Immigrant Kids And Families Locked In Disgusting Conditions In Border Camps.

+ Quartz: Workers from online home goods retailer Wayfair are walking out today to protest their employer’s sale of beds to an immigrant detention center.