There’s been a heated public debate about what to call the border patrol facilities where children of families seeking asylum are being held. Let’s focus instead on what’s happening inside. The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner talks to a lawyer who’s spent time inside a Texas building where the government is holding immigrant children. “There was mucus on their shirts, the shirts were dirty. We saw breast milk on the shirts. There was food on the shirts, and the pants as well. They told us that they were hungry. They told us that some of them had not showered or had not showered until the day or two days before we arrived. Many of them described that they only brushed their teeth once. This facility knew last week that we were coming. The government knew three weeks ago that we were coming.”

+ AP: Government moves migrant kids after poor conditions exposed.

+ “So far, Mexico’s mobilization of its security forces has fallen short of the dramatic show of force that the government promised…Still, the deployment has already disrupted the usual flow of people and commerce passing over this historically porous border, and sown fear among migrants and their smugglers alike.” NYT: Mexico’s Crackdown at Its Southern Border, Prompted by Trump, Scares Migrants From Crossing.