Wild Juice Chase

Going viral didn’t begin with the Internet or social media. Attempting to convince people not to believe logic or things they see and read with their own eyes is nothing new. And everyone in America talking about the same details from the same story at the same time didn’t start with Robert Mueller and the Russian election hacking scandal. On the twenty-fifth anniversary of OJ Simpson’s White Ford Bronco chase, the LA Times revisits a scene that riveted America (and triggered what, at times, seemed like never-ending national obsession). “Zoey Tur was piloting a helicopter for KCBS-TV and had a hunch: Maybe Simpson had gone to Orange County to visit Nicole’s grave. So she flew in that direction, and she would be the first to start broadcasting the most famous police pursuit in history.” Back then, we thought no other story in our lifetimes could so completely enthrall and mesmerize us. We underestimated ourselves. The Trump news era is the equivalent of the White Ford Bronco chase going on for three straight years…

+ “On one side of the screen the Knicks and the Rockets battled for NBA supremacy at Madison Square Garden; on the other, the white Bronco inched down a Los Angeles freeway with police in non-hot pursuit.” (Spoiler alert: The Bronco won the attention battle.) CNN: On a split-screen for the ages.

+ What if the OJ story had taken place during the social media era? Well, we now have the next worst thing. OJ just joined Twitter. (Twitter needs a Juice cleanse…)

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