“Our culture tells us a story that we’ll lose and lose and lose as we get older. And it’s not true.” The Post asked eight women who achieved personal or professional milestones after the age of 50 to share their experiences, in their own words. Changing channels.

+ This Guy Offered “Free Dad Hugs” at a Pride Parade and People Really Needed Them.

+ “Selah Schneiter, 10, is small for her age, weighing just 55 pounds and standing four foot two. She loves math and playing guitar and is ‘silly and plays make believe,’ says her mom, Joy. She is also the youngest documented person ever to climb the 3,000-foot Nose route on Yosemite’s El Capitan.”

+ New York has ended its religious exemption for vaccines.

+ NatGeo: David Miti is a double amputee who works as a carpenter hand-making devices for children with disabilities.

+ Jon Stewart can’t hold it together as 9/11 first responders bestow him with a powerful gift. “I don’t deserve this.” (Editor’s note: Yes, you do.)

+ Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality in a victory for LGBTQ rights in Africa.

+ Ali Stroker’s Tony Win is a Huge Step for Performers With Disabilities.

+ Army veteran to become first living recipient of Medal of Honor for war in Iraq.

+ Teen bitten by shark encourages ocean protection, preservation.

+ WaPo: He is a stylist to Hollywood stars. But his most personal work is giving cuts to the homeless.

+ Pacific Dining Car’s 88-Year-Old Bartender Never Wants to Quit.

+ We began with Canada. So let’s end there. Canada passes ‘Free Willy’ bill banning whale and dolphin captivity.