“Of the school’s 980 students, about 900 lost their homes. Some assumed the school would cease to exist, with its diaspora of students settling into new communities. But when a makeshift school opened for the spring semester in a former Facebook building near the Chico airport, more than 700 students returned, including 220 seniors. They had work to do, work that finishes Thursday when they finally return to their beloved school’s football field to graduate. Together.” AP: From fire and ash to caps, gowns: Graduation in burned town.

+ WaPo: No one could open a safe for 40 years. A tourist cracked it on his first try.

+ “A Texas man who has spent nearly four decades homeless has been readmitted to the University of Texas at Austin nearly 49 years after first enrolling at the school, thanks in part to a current student who stepped in to help him through the application process.”

+ An entire school started learning sign language to welcome a deaf kindergartener.

+ It’s official this time. Jack Black and Jack White meet. (This one gets into a gray area…)