“Don’t let its reputation for kale salads and acai bowls fool you—Los Angeles is the hole-ly grail for donut devotees. Almost 1,500 independent donut shops dish out these deep-fried delights, which means there are more opportunities for a sugar high here than anywhere else in the country.”

+ What do you for an encore when you’ve already had the top job in the world? Podcast.

+ 46 ice cream trucks are being seized in a New York City crackdown. “To get away with not paying fines, the release said, the operators created dozens of ‘shell’ companies and systematically re-registered trucks at the Department of Motor Vehicles under the names of different corporations. By the time the city’s finance department would try to collect on a debt, there would be no trace of the offending company.” (Hopefully, they were at least chocolate shell companies…)