“At a broad ideological level, two things have happened. First, the idea of cyberspace, a transnational, individualistic, largely unregulated, and free place that was not exactly located in any governmental domain, has completely collapsed. Second, the mythology of tech as the carrier of progress has imploded.” Nothing inspires like a common foe. And these days, a lot of groups share negative vibes about tech companies. Alexis Madrigal with a partial lineup. The Coalition Out to Kill Tech as We Know It.

+ Vox: Why does Washington suddenly seem ready to regulate Big Tech? Look at the polls.

+ “The very same agencies and legislators now screaming for blood have for decades ignored any sensible regulation of Silicon Valley, afraid of killing the golden geeks. Just a year ago most could not have cared less about the ballooning power of tech over so many aspects of American life. More to the point, they have stayed stubbornly ignorant of how all this tech stuff actually works.” Kara Swisher is not enthusiastic about regulation (or more specifically, regulators). The People Screaming for Blood Have No Idea How Tech Actually Works.