“I was perfectly happy with this arrangement until in March the German tabloid Bild Am Sonntag reported that the family behind Peet’s parent company JAB Holding had been staunch supporters of the Third Reich, and in fact had built their fortune via Nazi Germany’s large-scale forced-labor system. Honcho Albert Reimann Sr. was a card-carrying Nazi who made donations to the SS, Hitler’s paramilitary force, in the early 1930s. In 1937, according to the New York Times, Albert Reimann Jr. wrote a letter to Heinrich Himmler: ‘We are a purely Aryan family business that is over 100 years old,’ it read. ‘The owners are unconditional followers of the race theory.'” Boston Globe: I found out Nazi money is behind my favorite coffee. Should I keep drinking it? Before you answer, the same company also owns Panera, Dr. Pepper, Krispy Kreme, and … wait for it … Einstein Bros. Bagels… (I just find to boycott or not to boycott questions very interesting. I’m not trying to schmear your favorite coffee…)