“I’d been told repeatedly by gun owners — often from the back of whatever crowd I was addressing — that my arguments for gun control had little credibility because I knew nothing about guns or gun culture. Eventually I came to see some truth in that assertion. If there was a gun culture of Second Amendment zealots, there was also an opposing gun-control culture made up of people who knew little about guns except that guns were bad. People, in other words, like me.” In the NYT, Gregory Gibson explores his own relationship with guns to try to find some answers about the killing of his son. I’m not sure he finds any. And that might be the point. A Gun Killed My Son. So Why Do I Want to Own One?

+ “‘I was told, ‘You’re going to be fine in the long-term,’ and that’s not right … It throws you back when you realize you’re not out of the woods yet, and this terrible day is not entirely behind you.” Time: They Survived Mass Shootings. Years Later, The Bullets Are Still Trying to Kill Them.