“The parliament’s disbanding comes just a month after it was sworn in and sets the stage for a second election in the same year — a first in Israeli history. The developments were a shocking setback for Netanyahu, who had appeared to secure a comfortable win in last month’s election.” AP: Israel is facing an election after it just had one.

+ “Israel now faces new elections in September, but with corruption charges pending and chances of passing legislation to limit his exposure to prosecution all but evaporated, there’s more than Netanyahu’s political future on the line.” Vice: What The Hell Just Happened To Israel’s Government? Related question: What the hell just happened to the Kushner peace plan? It was definitely a less than ideal moment for Jared to arrive for talks. (Although BiBi seemed to like his Trump-signed (re)map of the region, complete with the word “nice” scribbled next to the Golan Heights.)