The abortion debate is raging at the state level. But so far, the Supreme Court isn’t directly taking up the issue. WaPo: Supreme Court compromise on Indiana abortion law keeps issue off its docket. Meanwhile, Missouri’s last abortion clinic says it may lose its license this week.

+ “Abortion politics in 2019 is a morality play about what happens when one side has all the political power, yet feels culturally embattled. In this atmosphere, victories are not satisfying if they leave the other side with a foothold, a vestige of respectability. Cataclysmic discord lies ahead. Abortion politics is no longer about policy wins, but about establishing dominance.” Michael Wear in The Atlantic: The Abortion Debate Is No Longer About Policy.

+ Netflix is the first major studio to threaten a boycott of Georgia following the signing of a so-called heartbeat bill. But do such boycotts help? “The Deep South is often dismissed as a region populated by bigots and Republican theocrats, a myopic view that these new laws have done little to contradict. These negative perceptions often hinge on a flawed understanding of the region as a network of backward white voters reaping what they have sown, rather than as the cradle of black American culture, politics, and resistance that I have experienced it to be.” NY Mag: Boycotts of Georgia Will Only Make It Redder.