“You know, those guys who are ‘praised day and night for their top-tier genetics, making a shit-ton of money, getting insane amounts of validation, never having to worry about paying the rent or any of that bullshit; all they think about is their next football match and coming home and having a threesome with two supermodels, supermodels that puke at the thought of them touching you.’ That’s how one incel with a Pepe frog as his avatar described Chads, posting a picture of Lucky Blue Smith and Jordan Barrett backstage at a Balmain fashion show. Truth4lie’s friends hated Chad, but they were also convinced their lives would improve significantly if they could somehow become Chad.” NY Mag: Incels are going under the knife to reshape their faces, and their dating prospects. How Many Bones Would You Break to Get Laid? (I’m a middle-aged dude with two kids, three cats, and a couple beagles. I’d fracture a bone just to have the house to myself for 45 minutes.)