What to Pod: One of them still has trouble saying the word fart. The other one is infamous for playing the role of Fart Man. They’re two opposites that have one thing in common. They’re both good at interviewing people. Howard Stern on Terry Gross. In his new book, Howard named Conan as his favorite interview. Here are the two of them in conversation on Conan’s podcast.

+ What to Hear: Middle Kids, a NextDraft approved band, is out with a new EP today. Great stuff. Start with Real Thing, and take it from there. The band is out on tour this summer. Catch them in a small venue while you can.

+ What to Read: “How long will the American people stand for this treachery perpetrated by their elected president? How long will Americans remain asleep while their cherished Constitution is torn to shreds.” Occasionally, there is a what-if novel that is both excellent, and later largely mirrored by real life events. Such is the case with Philip Roth’s, The Plot Against America. If you haven’t read it, now is the time.

+ What to Rock: Feeling a Game of Thrones void? This video of some rock gods (and one of the show’s creators) rocking the theme song will fill it, at least for few minutes.