It’s good to be the king. It might be even better to be the CEO. The NYT’s Peter Eavis explains: “This is not a difficult time to be a chief executive. The solid economy has bolstered companies’ sales, and President Trump’s corporate tax cuts have juiced profits. A huge increase in stock buybacks has lifted share prices.” It’s Never Been Easier to Be a CEO, and the Pay Keeps Rising. (They say a rising tide lifts all boats. Yachts is more like it.)

+ Boss Hog: “Pay disparity between CEOs and workers has grown since 2017. In most cases, it would take typical workers more than a century to make what their CEO made last year, at their current pay levels. In the most extreme cases, it would take more than 1,000 years.” AP: CEOs get $800,000 pay raise, leaving workers further behind.

+ ProPublica: Separated by Design: How Some of America’s Richest Towns Fight Affordable Housing.