“I wish that his family or his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.” Nancy Pelosi is still the wall between her party and impeachment hearings. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to goad the president. AP: Pelosi questions Trump’s fitness; time for ‘intervention’?

+ The New Yorker: The Political Logic Behind Nancy Pelosi’s Go-Slow Strategy on Impeachment.

+ Calk Ringleader: Meanwhile, the Total Exoneration Express keeps on keepin’ on. From AP: “A banker who prosecutors say tried to buy himself a senior post in President Donald Trump’s administration by making risky loans to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was arrested Thursday on a financial institution bribery charge. Stephen M. Calk, 54, was scheduled to appear in Manhattan federal court in the afternoon.”

+ Rex Tillerson “told U.S. lawmakers that Russian President Vladimir Putin was more prepared for a meeting with Trump than the president was.” (Which means Putin prepared for at least ten seconds.) Trump had some thoughts on the matter. Vice: Trump’s Thoughts on Rex Tillerson’s Intelligence: A Brief Timeline.