Massage in a Bottle

“Go to a rave, and you’ll find people glassy-eyed, staring inches from each other’s faces in rapt conversation, Heifets says. What they’re saying doesn’t matter. The deep emotional connection they’re experiencing, however, does. ‘That’s what we’re after. How can we bottle that?'” The Verge: Embracing Ecstasy: Can efforts to bottle MDMA’s magic transform psychiatry?

+ It “is an incredible medicine. Even the Drug Enforcement Administration admits it, and doctors are known to prescribe it for narcolepsy, obesity, and ADHD.” Pacific Standard: The Many Health Benefits Of Meth. (Well, that escalated quickly.)

+ While there are currently illicit drugs we hope will help people in the future, there are legal prescription drugs that are killing people right now. WaPo: Fighting
. Trump called the opioid epidemic a priority, but fentanyl deaths soar as resources fail to keep pace.

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