“As Mullen walked to the station, he tried feverishly to send a text, but the screen on his iPhone was too wet. Eventually, he found cover and typed the message: ‘Ring me ASAP.’ The recipient was Matthew Collins, the head of intelligence at HOPE Not Hate, an anti-fascist organization. For nearly three months, Mullen had been working as an informant inside National Action. Collins, who was on vacation in Portugal, called Mullen early the next morning. ‘Jack Renshaw’s going to kill an M.P.,’ Mullen told him.” A young Englishman got mixed up in a white-supremacist movement. Then he tried to get out. The New Yorker: The Undercover Fascist.

+ Kristina Davis in San Diego Union-Tribune: Former skinheads recall what turned them around. “Extremists leave their groups for a variety of reasons. But it’s not usually because they’ve suddenly realized that what they are involved in is morally reprehensible. The impetus is usually more mundane — dissatisfaction with the direction of the group, infighting, personal drama or even parenthood.”