“Alabama lawmakers voted Tuesday to ban virtually all abortions in the state — including for victims of rape and incest — sending the strictest law in the nation to the state’s Republican governor, who is expected to sign it.” The Alabama law is just one element in a large scale, long running battle to ultimately overturn Roe v Wade. And that battle is approaching a fevered pitch. From WaPo: Alabama Senate passes nation’s most restrictive abortion ban.

+ CBS News: “The American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood just filed a lawsuit challenging the Ohio ‘heartbeat’ bill, an abortion ban that would prohibit the procedure about five to six weeks into a pregnancy, before most women know that they’re pregnant.”

+ The bills intended to restrict (or completely stop) abortion are spread out geographically, but they all have the same target destination: The Supreme Court. In The New Yorker, a reporter who has covered the Court for decades reflects on the latest laws and the state of the challenge. “I don’t think these laws per se are challenges to Roe because they’re so extreme. I actually think the challenge to Roe will come with ostensibly milder measures that will let the courts find cover in seeming not to be extreme even though these laws can have the extreme effect of destroying the abortion infrastructure and cutting off access for most women.”