“Perched on the given show’s couch, legs dangling, she’d talk about vaginas and vibrators and anatomy and autonomy, with unapologetic warmth and excitement and aRRRRRRousal, and her interviewer, very often a man, very often burying his face in his hands in mock agony, would be brought into the bluntness along with her. So would the audience. Her utter lack of embarrassment made a claim that was as radical as it is obvious: Sex should not be a source of shame to anyone, because sex is something that belongs to everyone.” The Atlantic on Dr. Ruth at 90. The Goddess of Good Sex.

+ There’s a new royal baby (and no, that’s not a Trump joke). Here’s the latest on Meghan and Harry’s new baby boy.

+ That Starbucks cup in last night’s Game of Thrones Episode. (One assumes it was a Dragon Drink.)