“In 1975, Stokes got a Betamax magnetic videotape recorder and began recording bits of sitcoms, science documentaries, and political news coverage. From the outset of the Iran Hostage Crisis on November 4, 1979, ‘she hit record and she never stopped.'” The Remarkable Story of a Woman Who Preserved Over 30 Years of TV History.

+ WaPo: Parmesan from Wisconsin? How dairy you?! Italy wants to reclaim its cheese. (I’m mostly including this headline to make the point that quality headline puns aren’t as easy as they seem…)

+ The Ringer: What Is the Best Movie or Television Battle? (With all due respect to Game of Thrones, the best fight scene you’ll see this week is on Barry on HBO. Like, by far. It’s also, a generally amazing episode of television, and Bill Hader’s direction should win an Emmy.)