What to Watch: OK, the humor is definitely adult in nature. And there are scenes that include projectile body fluids. But in spite of that (OK, probably because of that), I’m enjoying Bonding, on Netflix. (Who can better relate to sado-masochism than a guy who reads all the news every day?) It’s fun, funny, and interestingly, the episodes each only last 15 minutes. (Even though they tried to last longer.)

+ What to Read: “I just walked into my house and wanted to sort of, like, dance It was a very strange feeling because I wasn’t tired, I was ready to go. I had put on makeup that day, I had brushed my hair, taken a shower and I thought: ‘I want to go out!’ which was a very strange sensation.” The Guardian on Heather Armstrong (one of my internet colleagues from back when influencers were called bloggers): Dying to beat depression: how 10 induced comas saved a blogger’s life. And here’s Heather’s book about her experiences. The Valedictorian of Being Dead: The True Story of Dying Ten Times to Live. (And I always thought being dead was a pass/fail class.)

+ What to Hear: Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of countrified rock (or rockified country). My latest find is Jade Bird. Check out her new, self-titled album. (Start with the song Lottery.)