Feel Good Friday

“For nearly two years, Hollywood resident Lisa Soremekun fought City Hall, demanding reimbursement for the $73 parking ticket that was placed on her car — wrongly, she says — and the $239 towing fee that went with it … ‘When I commit to things. I try to see them through to the end.'” LA Times: Just how hard is it to fight a parking ticket in LA? (Spoiler alert. Hard.)

+ A teacher ran out of sick days to stay with his cancer-stricken daughter, so his colleagues donated 100 days.

+ Kansas teen learned CPR at his high school. Two weeks later, he used it to save his dad.

+ Lego releases Braille bricks to teach blind and visually impaired children.

+ African Teen Builds Windmills from Junk and Supplies His Village with Electricity.

+ Girl Born Without Hands Won National Handwriting Competition Because Nothing Can Stop Her.

+ Rodney Robinson, Who Teaches Civics to Students in Juvenile Detention, Wins 2019 National Teacher of the Year.

+ Skydiver reunited with prosthetic leg that flew off at 10,000 feet.

+ 3 Pro soccer players played against 100 children.

+ Switching from an earlier position on the matter, Donald J. Trump just came out in favor of vaccinations. He is on the right side of a contentious matter involving science. Click fast, it won’t last.

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