“Workers on an oil rig about 135 miles offshore from southern Thailand noticed something stunning in the water: a dog.”

+ A Math Teacher’s Life Summed Up By The Gifted Students He Mentored.

+ All national parks are free on April 20.

+ Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear will host and exec produce ABC’s 90-minute live production of All in the Family and spinoff The Jeffersons. (Norman Lear himself had the best reaction to the news.)

+ This cafe in India is fully run by acid attack survivors.

+ Burned black churches in Louisiana raise $1.8M after Notre Dame fire.

+ Canadian who had heart attack while jogging in Florida saved by stranger — from his hometown.

+ Hawaiian flower, thought extinct, rediscovered by a drone.

+ Lil Pump doesn’t censor lyrics during bar mitzvah gig. (My parents tried to get Manilow to come to mine…)