“The century-old brand best known for basic gym attire is experiencing an unlikely revival, [being] a benefactor of three swirling style trends that converged to create a teen and millennial fashion craze: Logo apparel is in vogue; throwback gear has returned; and streetwear—the casual style derived from skateboard and sports culture—is having a moment.” Bloomberg: Champion Accidentally Hit the Fashion Jackpot. (My ten year-old daughter has approved of exactly one article of clothing in my closet: My new Champion windbreaker.)

+ “The pastors were among those included on an Instagram account that recently popped up called ‘PreachersNSneakers,’ where men and women of God are shown wearing footwear that could cost more than a month’s rent for many of their followers. Before long, each post was clogged with hundreds of comments.” As Passover and Easter approach, the NYT asks this important question: Should pastors wear $5,000 sneakers? (To answer that will require some serious sole searching.) Let He Who Is Without Yeezys Cast the First Stone.